NSO Grenland / Stathelle, NO

Norsk Spesialolje specializes in the treatment of contaminated water. Some of the treated water comes from waste oil collection, but there is also collected and treated a substantial amount from industry, ships and offshore activities. In respons to an increased demand  for treatment of contaminated water, Nosk Spesialolje decided to increase its capacity by building a new and modern process and distribution facility in Grenland. The plant was completed during the autumn of 2014, and has a capacity to treat 35.000 m3 contaminated water per year. The new state of the art facility in Grenland is built to meet future requirements regarding both safety and the environment.

  • How to find us?

    Metalo meistrai UAB, Tinklų str. 7, LT-35115 Panevėžys, Tel.: +370 45 585 087 ; Fax: +370 45 585 087  E-mail: info@metalomeistrai.lt